Help us #FlyforMPS this International MPS Awareness Day

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As a child, did you ever make paper planes and play with your friends outside? Well, here’s your chance to bring back your childhood memories while spreading awareness about mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS) diseases. To raise awareness for MPS diseases, Shire in partnership with the International MPS Network and the National MPS Society has launched #FlyForMPS, a campaign that aims to communicate the importance of early diagnosis by helping people connect and share information about MPS diseases around the world.

It’s time to let your creativity soar! Help us reach the target of 20,000,000 air miles and 8,000 connections by following the instructions below.

How you can get involved

  1. Join in with the #FlyforMPS Thunderclap by May 14. By joining you will automatically post a supportive tweet on MPS Awareness Day, May 15.
  2. Visit to design your unique digital paper plane and email it to friends around the world. Each plane’s miles will be tracked, added to a country total, and displayed on a global leader board. You will have until 15 June to design and send your plane.

If the creative juices just aren’t flowing – we’re here to help! Download the #FlyForMPS paper plane pack from the website to run your own flying competition with family, friends and classmates. The pack includes plane templates, instructions and posters to help you spread the word. And of course, don’t forget to share even further. Upload your plane-flying photos to the #FlyForMPS Photo Gallery.

MPS diseases are rare genetic disorders which affect adults and children. MPS diseases occur in one in 25,000 births1, while MPS II, also known as Hunter syndrome, is an incurable and severely debilitating genetic rare disease that affects 1 in 162,000 total live births.2

Ready? Set! Fly!

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